And now for something completely different

As per tradition, it's been forever since I posted anything. For a while, I was busy working on art for Esc4pe. Recently I finished a soundtrack for our newest escape room, which was a new thing for me. I've produced music, but never an escape room soundtrack. The music wasn't like anything I'd do on my own. The theme of the room is kind of a cyberpunk/hacker/espionage thing, which called for a techno based soundtrack with Russian classical music mixed in. It was an interesting task to say the least. I can't really post it anywhere, so if you really want to hear it bad enough, you'll just have to visit Esc4pe in Burlington and do the room for yourself...

What I'm even more excited about is my personal project. For a while I've been drawing/painting various kinds of produce, positioned together in different ways, with stick arms and legs drawn on them to imply sexual acts.

Yeah you read that right, here's an example of one such painting, entitled Mixed Berry 3-Way.

IMG_20180222_124535_379 (1).jpg


I'll admit, I didn't really expect anyone to enjoy these things as much as I enjoyed making them, but the world is a surprising place and with the help of a friend, I landed an actual art opening at a relatively popular local bar/venue called The Monkey House. It's on 3/28 if you're in the area. It'll be up for 6 weeks or so. 

If you're interested in seeing more of this project and/or want updates on the specifics of the art opening itself, the best way to see what I'm up to is Instagram. I'll post a link below. 

I'll probably post again when the opening starts and show you how it looks all set up, until then, follow me on Instagram at