Doors. Just doors.

It's been a while, I've pretty much only been working for Esc4pe lately, mostly internal stuff that's not worth posting, but I did do some ads for us to use on social media, so I figured I'd at least post those. I took a bunch of pictures of the creepiest looking doors around the building I work in, as doors are kind of a running theme in the art for Esc4pe, and then I used the same databending techniques that you've seen from me lately, but once I put them through Audition, I also edited them in Photoshop in order to create a more composed piece as far as color and light go, as you don't have a lot of control over that when you're just sending images through Audition.  I hope you like them, maybe some day I'll post something besides databending stuff. I do have some physical art in the works and dreams of displaying said art around Burlington, so you'll definitely be seeing the beginnings of that sometime soon. In the meantime, enjoy these doors.